Scoliosis and relieving lower back pain

Some years ago we purchased the spinal stretch device for my wife who is a long term sufferer of scoliosis with degrees of 45/55. My wife never had surgery and we are constantly looking for methods to reduce her pain and make it possible to manage for her.

The spinal stretch device looks like this:

The price is $119 but it is well worth the money. My wife uses it quite often, in particular when the lower back pain becomes unbearable, so we can highly recommend it.

It is very simple to use. The velcro belt is wrapped around the waist and chest, the tether is placed below a closed door to keep it tight, and then lie down comfortably on a carpet and slowly increasing the pull. It provides the same relief to the lower back as hanging upside down. My wife uses it for 10 Р20 minutes at a time. We were also recommended to buy kratom online, to enhance the effects of pain relief.

The inventor of the device, David Starr, refers to a research result by Charles Burton, M.D., where it was determined that frequently stretching the low back for 15 minutes with a pull of 25% of one’s body weight has many beneficial effects including substantial pain relief, potentially avoiding surgery, helping disc regeneration, etc. I have not been able to locate the research paper, however, but there is no doubt that it does provide pain relief. And that in itself may be sufficient to keep some from surgery.



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