Evidence for the efficiency of exercises as a scoliosis treatment

When you go see your orthopedic surgeon and ask him/her whether exercise-based treatment might be an option for you – they will almost always respond that there is no evidence that exercises have an effect against scoliosis.

While this has been true up until 5-10 years ago, it is no longer true. A few research groups and physicians around the world are finally taking the necessary steps to provide scientific proof that their exercise programs actually work and have an effect on scoliosis.

We will regularly update this page with new research results that document the efficiency of exercises, be this based on Schroth, physiotherapy, etc.

A recent research result was described here: “Results Were Amazing when Teens with Scoliosis did Specialized Exercises”. A scientific experiment was done testing the efficiency on Schroth-based exercises on a group of adolescents aged 10-18 with degrees of 10-45 degrees. The patients were split into two groups, the Schroth-group, and the “do nothing”-group, that followed the recommended treatment of “observe, brace and surgery”. The groups were followed for 6 months and the results were significant and convincing. The Schroth-group went on average from 51.2 degrees (sum of curves) to 49.3 degrees – and the “do-nothing”-group went on average from 51.2 to 55.1 degrees.

So clearly the Schroth exercises made a significant difference. The “do-nothing”-group’s curves increased on average – while the Schroth-group’s curves on average stayed the same or even decreased. And the experiment was carried on for just a 6 month period. Imagine the results that could be achieved after 12 months, 24 months, etc. For an adolescent going through puberty the results may be highly positive.


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