About Scoliosis World

Scoliosis World is about research, news and personal stories.

Scoliosis World is a continuation of the old Scoliosis World link collection page. The old page became obsolete. It was a huge collection of scoliosis-related links similar to what Yahoo originally was. It had very few visitors at the end and was very time-consuming to maintain. It did, however, have some interesting content such as a lot of polls investigating various relationships for scoliosis sufferers. I will see if I can bring the good stuff back online at some stage.

The new Scoliosis World is going to be a blog presenting scoliosis-related research, news and also personal items from my family’s life with scoliosis. Scoliosis is an underestimated disorder that is relatively unknown in the general population. Also, among scoliosis patients there is a lack of knowledge about the best treatment options. So there is room for a new page that covers these items. I plan on writing at least one new entry per week. Over the years a lot of interesting research has been published, giving an increasingly clear (or at least decreasingly vague) picture of causes, symptoms and best treatment options of scoliosis.

I got involved with scoliosis through my wife. She’s now in her forties but her life with scoliosis started around 13 where it was discovered by the family doctor. She has an S-curve with 45 / 55 degrees. She used a boston brace for some years as a teenager. This apparently stopped the progression and stabilized it somewhat. For some years she did not have any pain until her mid twenties. At this point, she was recommended surgery but we rejected it based on an investigation into the potential risks and side-effects. Also, the doctor did not promise any reduction of the pains. Since then she has been trying a variety of treatments (that will also eventually all be covered) on this page and is still keeping the scoliosis reasonably stabilized. She’s been able to keep a half-time job and is able to lead a relatively normal life. We’ve got two daughters so naturally we’re concerned that they will also develop scoliosis. We’re monitoring their backs and we’re also monitoring new research indicating anything we can do to prevent them from developing scoliosis. This will also eventually be covered on this page.